Adrian Gorbaliuk, Visual Artist & Photographer

Adrian Gorbaliuk is a New Jersey and New York metro area based experienced Visual Artist and Model/Actor. Born in Ukraine, Gorbaliuk is fluent in four languages that include Ukranian, Russian, Polish and English. 

From a young age, Gorbaliuk's passion for art and design was evident. His paintings, drawings, and graphic designs attract a global range of clientele. 

Even though Gorbaliuk has experience being in front of the lens, he much prefers to be behind it. His work contains a multitude of innovative graphic art mainly focused on Science Fiction. Gorbaliuk's Sci-Fi series "Alien" and "Cyborg" have gained a wide range of popularity throughout the U.S.

Gorbaliuk is currently busy working on his next series which he plans to launch in the Fall of 2018.


Lee Washington, Videographer, Producer & Model

Lee Washington is a New Jersey and New York metro based experienced Model and Videographer.

For the last five years, Washington established himself as an incredibly successful model in the industry. His client list includes Nike, Wrangler, Saucony and Fanatics, just to name a few. 

When he is not busy booking modeling campaigns, Washington enjoys his time behind camera as well. His other hobbies include drawing, traveling and spending time with his dog, Max.